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I have attended various Tai Chi classes over the years and Theresa’s classes are excellent.  I particularly love the Tai Chi meditation, which really helps me to relax at the start of the class. The Qi Gong and the Form work are also very satisfying.  Theresa has just the right balance of fun and friendliness, yet taking the class seriously. She is supportive, encouraging and particular, with out being too judgmental - whatever your level.   I really look forward to my weekly class and come away feeling relaxed, grounded, stretched and energized. Whatever your requirements and expectations, I would highly recommend Theresa’s classes. Kate Nash 


​“I have been suffering with ankolosing spondylikis for many years but have only recently been diagnosed. It was suggested to me that I try Tai chi to help with my condition. I have now been doing Tai chi for 7 years and not only have I improved my core strength and stability I have learned to enjoy the peaceful escape into Qi gong meditation. I am more mobile than I have been for many years. Theresa's method of teaching is quite outstanding, her patience and dedication to her students is incredible and her calmness is reflected. My aim is to learn everything Theresa can teach and practice Tai chi for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend introducing Theresa into your life to learn Tai chi, not only to help with stress management but for your general well being. When you meet Theresa you will know what I mean!  Sally 


I have really enjoyed learning the 8 step form over the past weeks. Theresa is a very good, thorough and patient teacher who is committed to her art form. Linda




I started Tai chi when Theresa first started a class in Staplehurst. Although I don't think my standard is good Theresa is always patient and encouraging and helpful and makes the classes enjoyable and fun. Join up and you'll enjoy it too! Kath




Sessions are always fun but the Tai chi is taken seriously.We have been practicing Tai chi for a number of years but there is always something new to learn and Theresa keeps a good balance between accuracy and encouragement.I always look forward toMonday evenings as I know I will enjoy the Tai chi and get lots of physical and mental stimulation. Carolyn




Tai chi with Theresa is a very pleasant and beneficial experience. A nice balance, not too intense and you are never made to feel inept, always encouraged. Improved flexibility is a definate outcome and I certainly feel good after a class or practice. Diane




Tai chi has benefitted me immensly over the years, I am more flexible and balance is better, I feel stronger and calmer. Theresa teaches in a very encouraging and inspiring way and I always enjoy the classes and always look forward to learning more. I notice a big difference if I miss a class so try not to! I would recommend Theresa to anyone who wants to learn Tai chi. Lynne




Theresa always ensures the tai chi classes are interesting and fun.She explains the exercises very well, the meaning behind each movement as well as the benefits.Theresa epitomises a first rate teacher especialy with her patience when we forget the sequence of movements! Sally



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