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Health Benefits from Tai Chi

As Tai chi is both physical and mental stimulation the benefits are immense. When practiced regularly Tai chi is the perfect way to stay fit, relaxed, flexible, strong, balanced, co ordinated and balanced as well as boosting the memory and conecting the mind and body together. Over all creating total well being.

Nervous system
Tai chi dispels tension and fatigue, refreshes the mind and lifts the spirit. " leading the mind with the body"
Cardiovascular system


Gentle co ordinated movement can make blood vessels more "springy", can decrease blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Respiratory system


So "chi" can sink to the Dantian abdominal breathing intensifies the exercise of the diaphragm expanding the lung capacity, stimulating movement in the bowels enhancing digestion.

Bones and muscle


Tai chi keeps the body in good shape, strong legs, pliable, agile and well co ordinated body= " extending life"

Core strength


Tai chi exercises combined are very effective at building core strength. Incorporating alot of movement in the waist and turning of the body. 

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