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I have been training in Tai chi since 1999 and have been teaching Tai chi since 2002. I began teaching because the benefits I experienced I wanted to share and impart to others. I have been fortunate enough to train with some remarkable teachers including Professor Li, Master Wang, Simon Watson and David Arnold. Each has enhanced my technique and allowed me to gain valuable knowledge, understanding and benefits from Tai Chi. I have attended many seminars and have also trained in China - which was incredible and indeed a privilege, as I trained in the Chen village, Shaolin and Beijing University. I am proud to be a member of Longfei and the BCCMA and I have trained in Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, which is now my main style of teaching. I have also trained in other techniques including Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and other styles of Tai Chi including pushing hands and Dao Yin. I have also trained in various techniques of Qigong meditation. 


"If I can inpart to my students my knowledge, techniques and thus the benefits of Tai Chi then I am indeed fullfilled and happy"

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