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Tai Chi Class Membership

Online Sessions - First Class "Free"

Online Sessions - £5.00/Class

Introductory / New Student Public Class - £5.00/First Class

Pay Per Public Class - £11.00/Class

1 Public class/week - £32.00/Month

2 Public classes/week - £45.00/Month

Terms and Conditions

Payment per month is worked out on a 48 week year basis. Monthly payment is due in the first class

attended at the beginning of each month. If as a new student your participation commences
part way through the month payment at £11 per class for the remainder of that month will be due and then
your next payment due on the first session of the following month for your chosen number
of sessions per week.

You are obligated to make monthly payments by your chosen method of payment. (cash/direct debit/bacs)

Payment is due regardless of non- attendance.

You are required to give one month notice of long term leave resulting in a break in your membership.

You are required to inform any changes of personal details immediately.

You agree to comply with the terms and conditions.

Any changes to payments, class times and cancellations will be notified to you as soon as possible.

One month notice of cancellation for your membership is required.

Membership will be frozen for exceptional circumstances, illness and injury. (This does not include holidays)

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